where is happiness

My dreams, my aspirations
were above the ground.

in the search of excellence, happiness
with all my efforts, i am this far.

into the blue, there is dark
and that's the shine into the dark
a beacon of consciousness, a life.

i was emotional
and it was silent

I could feel the excellence.
But where is happiness?

was it my very journey?
or its down there
or is it always a distant place?

while i thought of being happy
in some unseen future,
people were being happy

when they were living
what was given to us,
i was busy creating my own

i thought, one day
when i'll reach there

i'll have it all
more intense then anything,
anyone could feel

now i am here
but i am emotional
and it is silent

I could feel the connection.
but where is happiness

is it distant for only me
how do i seek it?

after so far away
where do i find it?

it was shown to me thousand times
and this time, once again

Happiness is everywhere
where you create it.

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