Sun came out and I stretched sails of my boat
I lose the shore and finding the treasure in life was my hope.
Exciting ocean, mysterious water, all was close, I needed no scope.
it was terrific and I was terrified when the shore was remote
bare handed was I thought when reached that slope
lonely did not I arrive, grains of my fathers in me was my rope.
challenging the hard waves, became my new dope,
but I fell for something, that has no antidote.
out of the stars we made house we made the goat
those twinkling moments will I chose every time I asked to vote
life is a circle I realized when my monster came to my throat
all that I had was gone like a bubble of a soap
before I could think its over I realized I was still afloat
there is much left to live for and my life to devote
I made mistakes, but life did not come with a note.
The treasure of life is difficult to summarize in a quote
all the time that I sailed I was the sailor of my boat.